The Mother

North of the Prezak Desert, on the other side of the Desolate Bluffs lies a barren, infertile land. Here, in Ziona, the ground is broken, the trees are withered, and the light is grey. It was not always such.

Before the events of the Cataclysm, the great dynasty of the mother ruled Ziona and all of its surroundings. The dynasty was powerful in its prime, surpassing even the teno’avum in strength. Here, a matriarchal society had brought order and fertility through the means of necromancy.

Long ago, when the women used their talents and mysticism to enchant the land and ensure longevity, the fields were golden with flowing wheat, crystal clear water ran through canals in the beautiful stone streets as children played gleefully in the many markets and waterways where exotic traders from far land could be found selling trinkets and baubles. Life was long and prosperous for those under the Mother as she blessed her kingdom with her supreme necromancy.

The dead warned the Mother of the impending cataclysm and a desperate search began for a way to save her people, when one day the ruins of a lost civilization were found deep underground. A large city which ran throughout massive caverns below Midera, with no sign of life but an unsettling amount of faceless statues. But even more of a find was the first of the mysterious Mideran Gates, still active underground.

The Mother quickly brought her  people down to the caverns in an effort to escape but, catastrophe struck. With the ensuing fight above ground the massive caverns gave way and closed the exits leaving the dynasty trapped. But even worse, the disruption damaged the gate and the ancient warp way turned silent. With her civilization trapped and facing doom the Mother began chanting and gathering her energies to try and save her people. For three days this ritual went on and at the end a massive wave of energy burst out tearing out the souls of the cave dwellers and placing them inside the many statues in the caves. Here, in cold forms, they would survive and here they would remain dormant until a time came for them to return to Midera.

Millennia passed and the petrified civilization remained undisturbed until curiosity peeked through the cavern. An archaeologist of humanity, a new race since the era of the mother, unearthed the ancient underground city. She and her team explored the vast ruin, fascinated by the ancient architecture, faceless denizens, and most of all the sight of a massive and mysterious circular gate. The leader of the expedition, Alexandra Cavaux, approached the great gate and upon touching it activated its power and ignited it once more. 

But as the gate awakened, so too did the statues surround the expedition. The statues who had stood silent for so long, moved their stone limbs to pursue those who had awakened them. The Mother, the great matriarch of these revived people, discovered something that would inspire hope for their crumbled civilization; they could possess the forms of humans, corrupting and entering their minds through the necromancy that had been their salvation throughout the quiet eons.

Now, with the ability to achieve new awoken forms through humanity, the mother are eager to retake their lost empire, and wage war on any civilization that has dared to forget their might. As the gates of Midera awake, the mother craves nothing less than a dominion that stretches across entire galaxies.