Siel-Hok, world of the roaming spirits

Here no soul received its final piece, no ghost moved on to the afterlife, and no martyr met their god. By some force of primordial magic, the spirits of the fallen are trapped within the planet's atmosphere. The ghosts roam for eternity, seeking pity for their plight. Or perhaps something else. Perhaps some rejoice and plan ahead.

Matriarch Krea has come seeking dominion for the dynasty. Here the Dark Renaissance will make their claim. But there is much competition.

The Coalition of Humanity has sought out this place for the sake of science. The League of Cold Fire have sent Great Thinker Sullus Smith and his expeditionary force to investigate. In addition, the gozrak clan of Voduwo have sent a cadre of bonemancers, led by the witch doctor Mthunzi, to experiment on their fallen heroes and bone constructs.

Matriarch Krea must vanquish these foes if a new home for The Mother is to be gained. The tensions are high, the spirits of ancestors watch close by. The fight for Siel-Hok begins.