Developer's Journal #1

Good afternoon everybody. I wanted to take this opportunity to address a few things. Some of you in the community may be aware of the Kickstarter campaign we attempted back in January and it's cancellation. You may be asking why that happened or perhaps you're asking why we are back and what have we learned from the failed attempt. I want to be honest and answer those questions now.

We admit we made several mistakes when it came to the Kickstarter, and we took in all the feedback as a learning opportunity rather than being stubborn about our product. 

For one, we know the goal was astronomically high for a new company to reach for. In addition, we know that although we advertised affordability the price for a starter kit was still rather high. We have taken both these into account and although we do not have a date for our next crowdfunding venture as of now, we do know that as a result of our changes our goal will be at least 85% less of what we originally asked for and with an even cheaper starter kit price.  

We also know we did not market ourselves well enough and show all of you that followed us what we really had to offer, other than nice looking art and stories. While we still are producing art and stories we want to make it our mission to show you all our values this time around, hence our new sections on affordability, community, and competition which will be expanded upon as we begin our new marketing efforts.

Perhaps most importantly, THE RULES. Our main rules our now offered in a pdf format as they are being developed for all to see so that people no longer have to wonder about how to play the rank and file game. And as time goes on we will be showing what some of our factions have to offer as well. 

Lastly, I want to thank all of you that have supported us. This isn't just our business it's our hobby and we love it through and through and we can't wait for the next opportunity to share our passion with you all.


James Lovett