We are back!

After a brief hiatus, the Modern Knights team is excited to begin sharing with you the progress that is being made on Crusade of Two Suns. Our writers have been hard at work expanding the many worlds of CoTS and the developers have been fine tuning the rules. We have a ton of new content coming out soon! Be sure to read below and check out our social media for regular updates on the progress here at Modern Knights.

Our writers have been working hard to plan a new stream of content for you. Starting today we will be posting bi-weekly stories, opening up new and exciting perspectives in The Crusade. These installments will cover new characters, exotic worlds, glorious triumphs, and crushing defeats. Be sure to check in regularly the keep up with the crusade.

At Modern Knights we have a goal of being as engaged with our community as possible, and keeping our community up in touch with the team that makes it happen. In pursuing this we are starting a regular podcast series so that you can get to know our writers and developers. The podcast will be posting not the weeks that we aren't posting new installments of stories. these podcasts will discuss stories, new developments, and general discussion of wargaming with our team. 

Lastly and most exciting, you can now read a full alpha version of the rules here on our website! The pdf is free to download, and you can even provide us with feedback! If somethings seems unbalanced, or just not right let our developers know! We want to make the best game possible for you, our community, and we are here to listen. 

We are so excited to be back and can't wait to show you all the things we have been working on!