The Mystique Clans

In the heart of no man’s land, where the forests hold eternal secrets, the Mystique Clans roam. The Mystique — a massive forest of sentient plant life, includes both renegade humans and walking animals in its clans, forming a massive, magical network of guardians and warriors that has been silently growing since the dawn of the second era.

As with much of their reclusive culture, the story of the mystique clan’s origins are shrouded in mystery — there are those who believe them to be the results of twisted arcane experiments, others who believe that they are simply an extension of the will of Midera, avatars of a planet that until now had no voice. Then, there are those who claim to know the truth, who speak of an ancient, powerful druid who channelled his power into the wilderness he called home, blessing it with the ability to rapidly evolve.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that the Mystique Clans have had an undue effect on the conflicts of Midera, especially considering the short period that they’ve been active. Their abilities to bend almost any landscape to their will and to evolve swiftly in response to challenges are more than formidable, and the other mideran races have come to fear the mystique clans as a territorial challenger. The clans themselves set their sights on rapid, ravenous expansion — how else can they expect to prove the power of evolution?

This vehemence in their goal of expansion has set their neighbors on edge; the teno’avum, having been spited once before by a race they had seen as inferior, are particularly eager to contain the mystique to their corner of Midera, lest their shining towers be overrun with moss and ivy.

In response to the Mystique Clans’ ever-growing borders, the gozrak launch continuing campaigns to raze the forests that encroach upon their arid lands, setting the trees aflame and salting the earth. The mystique clans take this as an affront — not just to their society, but to the very will of nature, and have taken it as a mission to turn the barren Prezak deserts into a lush landscape.

The Mystique Clans, despite the deep complexities of their magic, are at heart  simple folk; they live from the land, for the land. They loathe the avaricious excessiveness of those they face, and no civilization embodies this love of luxury more than the Great Human Coalition, a civilization of warriors led so astray that they would mutilate their flesh with metal rather than allow evolution to take place naturally. The humans, to the surprise of no nation, have been ceaseless in their expeditions into mystique territory, desperate to glean the forests of their resources.

While the Mystique Clans are beset on all sides by their competitors, the awakening of the gates has given them an opportunity to reach new heights, the likes of which the other races could only hope to achieve. Though they posses a relatively small territory on Midera itself, mystique clans themselves and their evolutionary magics are prepared to colonize new worlds, perhaps more so than any other race. While their foes struggle to adapt to the new worlds they settle, the mystique easily fall into the natural cycle of life on each planet.

Fighting to spread life across the entire universe and to defend it from civilizations so adversarial to nature itself, the Mystique Clans are willing to alter both themselves and the worlds around them in order to achieve victory in the Crusade of Two Suns.