The tides of Korza

Many planets across the galaxy are still — their environments pristine and unchanged, until the Gates of Midera brought outsiders to their surfaces.

Korza is no such planet.

Countless volcanic openings dot the face of Korza, spilling lava into the pristine waters and creating new land, as well as shattering continents and sinking them with the same violent eruption.

As a response to this, the native flora of Korza has developed a curious verdance, blooming beautifully and rapidly on the virgin volcanic soil.

On this planet of constant change, the Mystique clans have arrived and found a fascination with the ebb and flow of growth, and have spent their time on Korza absorbing this volatile ecosystem into their own way of life.

The Gozrak, too, have entered upon Korza from the gates, only to be awestruck by the volcanoes that can ravage lands more thoroughly than any Mideran beast or weapon. Aiming to harness the molten flow, the Gozrak clan intend to burn to the ground anything that insults their tenacious civilization.

As these two factions collide on the planet Korza, the explosions that rock its surface and the waters that foster its life will be the key to achieving victory. Shall the Mystique clan assimilate the thriving flora into their collective, or will the Gozrak master a force to overrun their enemies with molten rock? Either way, each side will have to attempt to turn the chaos of Korza to their favor.