The graceful planet Niylia.

Here the ground and surrounding rock edifices are a white tone resembling magnificent marble. The vegetation, from the leaves of trees atop the cliff sides to the weeds growing out of cracks in the stone, are a scarlet bright enough to fill any onlooker with fervor. But the main attraction of Niylia is it’s rivers that run not with water, but with valuable liquid platinum.

Niylia marks the first of humanity’s successful expansion efforts. Outpost Gradavan grows around a large river bed under command of Chief Executive Mack Berner. Throughout the various plants and manufactories that keep Gradavn growing, platinum is used to make multitudes of trinkets, tools and warmachines. The outpost expands and its inhabitants are happy with their prosperity and promise for humanity's bright future.

But an unexpected challenge approaches. Through the ancient gate, a new force begins to pour. Great Skull Erkko of clan Ahma brings his warriors to Niylia seeking conquest. The opportunity to scourge the forces of humanity and make a name for clan Ahma was reason enough to occupy Niylia, but Erkko will find more for his clan than a fight on Niylia.

Will Berner and the outpost of Gradavan hold, or will Erkko and clan Ahma take the planet for themselves? The time for blood and banners has come. The First of the Crusades has begun.

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