Many of us at Modern Knights came to know each other the same way: intense competition, strong rivalries, and the knowledge that we would always challenge each other.

That's why we play, for the challenge. Crusade of Two Suns emphasizes skill with a format that is easy to pick up but has a wide array of versatile strategies and options to master. In addition our affordability scheme keeps our game out of the pay to win dynamic.

And although some of you may have enjoyed other such rank and file games before you can enjoy several original mechanics in Crusade of Two Suns such as:

Global Morale

When napalm is soaring through the air and giant sand worms are coming from below, tensions are high. In Crusade of Two Suns you won't just have to take care of the morale of your individual units in their separate skirmishes, but also the morale of your entire force.

Over the course of a game various events can increase or decrease an army's standing morale. Each faction comes with their own morale tree, along which are unique thresholds. As morale crosses these thresholds units of the army are inflicted with various status effects ranging from something simple, like being less confident with a sword, to something harsh, such as infighting or devastating weapon failures.

Strategize well and you can avoid disaster and keep your troops bolstered to their cause. But make one too many costly sacrifices and pay the price!


Ever heard of a sideboard? If you haven't, a sideboard is something common in a lot of competitive card games. Essentially, it's a small deck of cards that allows you to switch out and substitute cards from your main deck in between competitive matches to help account for any threats you may face.

Crusade of Two Suns introduces something similar with Auxiliary Forces. These are units that are not part of your main army roster but instead can be substituted out after reviewing your opponents list but before deploying. Have a light infantry army versus a heavily ranged opponent? Throw in some shield bearers. Don't have the speed necessary to run down your opposition? Sub in some cavalry.

These units swap in at a cost (some minor status effects) but can keep you from being tabled or even win you a decisive victory if planned correctly.

It's Magic Time!

We would be remiss if we called Crusade of Two Suns a fantasy game if it didn't have magic and spells! How else are we going to ignore the rules of science when we make awesome planets? 

Throw in some spell casters, such as the Gozrak bonemancer and the Human great thinker, to cause some mystical mayhem on the battlefield. Make some scary illusions, dawn some magic armor, or just launch fireballs at your friends' faces! 

A Customized Force

Crusade of Two Suns is a modular game, meaning you build your forces overtime by purchasing additional units. Before battling, you and your opponent agree on a point limit that your army cannot exceed. From there you pick from your variety of soldiers to make the perfect force for the point limit.

And their are many options. Each faction in Crusade of Two Suns has numerous units to choose from each with their own upgradeable special rules and weaponry so that you can truly customize your force to be flexible and versatile, stalwart and defensive, or brutal and bloody.

The Importance of Tournaments

Like we said, we value a good challenge and that is why we believe fostering community tournaments is such an important thing for a game company to do. Our hopes are that soon after launch we can host several tournaments of varying sizes to build up the skill of our player base and truly bring a competitive edge to Crusade of Two Suns.