Community World Building

A healthy and well knit community is important for any game. It feels great to be part of something fantastical that others have delved into. It presents chance to make friends and expand your imagination. That's why it is a shame to see some games ignore or exploit their fan base.

So how were we going to get that community for our game Crusade of Two Suns? By letting the players create and alter the world they are delving into. 

We laid the foundation for our world and now we open it to all of you to shape and expand. It's time for tournament winners and their army to be recorded as legendary forces for their faction-mates to be inspired by. Let's have game days where anything can happen in various planet scenarios, and the outcome doesn't just change the story of the Crusade but also adds in new units to factions based on the winner.

Hell, have a good story about a battle or just a cool character concept?  Send it to us. If we like it, we may just make it canon. We want to do this and much more for the life of Crusade of Two Suns to make it a living, breathing game with a committed community.