We at Modern Knights aren't just gamers and geeks, we're also college students. We know that getting into miniature war gaming can be VERY EXPENSIVE! There's nothing worse than wanting to get your friends into a hobby you are passionate about but they just can't afford it. 

We wanted to change that and decrease the barrier to access to the hobby by pricing Crusade of Two Suns in cheaper, more efficient manners without sacrificing quality. Below you can read more about the 2 main ways Crusade of Two Suns is a more affordable way to start waging miniature war!


Miniature Pricing

Miniatures are the primary expense for any miniature war gamer and the prices as of late have been constantly increasing. The amount of miniatures you can get in a box is going down while the price of that same box is going up. What's even worse is that the pricing models most companies use is designed so that the wealthier gamer can better perform. That is, the better a unit is in game, the more it will cost players, regardless of size.

Screw that. We price our miniatures based on surface area, not power level. It doesn't matter that a Canthro Knight can dominate a peasant. They are around the same surface area so they are going to cost about the same. The only time price will go up in any significant manner is if the size of the unit increases, simply because it costs us more to produce (infantry to cavalry, cavalry to behemoth). On average, a box of 10 infantry models will cost $30 dollars, and we are always looking for ways to drive that price down farther. 


Book Pricing

Companies in the industry vary in how they distribute their content. Several games require you to buy multiple books to play, each costing anywhere from $40 to $70. Other games may offer their rules for free online, but those rules are often rarely updated and difficult to compile with errata. We wanted our rules to be cheap, but we also wanted to be able to constantly update and patch them in order to keep the game lively and competitive. How were we going to do it?

We decided to adopt a digital subscription model. For only $3 a month, subscribers will get full access to our ENTIRE digital downloadable pdf library. And that's not $3 a book, it's $3 for every damn thing in that library. With that subscription you also get access to any future or ancillary books we design including new faction, campaign booklets, scenario examples, ALL OF IT.

This digital format also allows us to update our game on the fly whenever we need, directly to the books, rather than setup errata pages for you all to search. And should you ever choose to unsubscribe you of course keep whatever you have already downloaded, they just won't be updated until you resubscribe.